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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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I am no bird; I am a free
human being with an independent will. 

 Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre


'Her Courage is Legendary' is not just our motto, but it defines our belief!

The hero is a warrior - tough and courageous! They overcome obstacles and persist in difficult times, they are most fulfilled when they rise to a challenge. When the girls are empowered society evolves and their is true development. We believe that there are role models in every marginalized community, every deprived society and Kickoff Solutions endeavors to support such heroes, celebrate their courage and establish them as inspiration for other deprived girls.

Kickoff Solutions works with non-profits, corporations, schools and communities to construct solutions for disadvantaged kids, particularly girls, who want to play but seldom have adequate access to opportunities or facilities. We try and help arrange for sports infrastructure, coaching and sponsorship for broad exposure (including international tournaments) with an intention to develop role models whose efforts can be scaled.

Kickoff Solutions is a Non-profit 501(c) 3 organization exempt from federal tax. Donors can deduct their donations from tax liability (IRS EIN no is 82-4726726)


Why we care

Several communities fail to lend quality sports opportunities to all, with lesser privileged kids and teenage girls both suffering from poor encouragement & facilities. 

We have a choice: fight inequality, or do nothing. 

There are millions of children with dreams & passion for sports but without the facilities & opportunities children need. They could use some footballs to kick, spaces to play in. 


Children need to play. Here's why

Playing is a key part of growing up healthily. It helps children:

  • Create personal bonds and sense a teamwork

  • Develop self confidence, and a sense of identity

  • Fare better in academics, relationships and in life

  • Develop essential physical skills and agility

Kickoff Solutions

Through sports and transformative cultural experiences we aim to provide exposure for young girls to a network of organizations that will provide long term educational programs that will shape the rest of their lives and help overcome hardship.

Just drop a line to subrotah@kickoffsolutions.comananddevsharma@kickoffsolutions.com

Registered Charity: 82-4726726