KickOff Solutions is a 501C3 non-profit org that focuses on empowering disadvantaged girls who play. KickOff serves as an engaged program management & evaluation platform for nonprofits working in the space of girls’ empowerment in tribal & slum districts, helping amplify their impact through funding & program design for scaled impact. These are three core focus areas:

1. Slum Community Development & Activism through Sport

Support girls with leadership potential who can be empowered to be change leaders for the whole community.


2. Tribal Development interventions creating Equity through Sport 

Specific focus on tribal areas, where the girls are subject to domestic violence, child trafficking or  and forced into child marriage. Create an environment of social equity through education and sports.

3. Social Integration through Inclusive & Multi-gender Sports

Encourage and support multi-gender sports to promote inclusion and impact a fundamentally evolved social values irrespective of gender preference or social background.

Key KickOff Solutions'  differentiators

Cultivating leadership instead of fueling need for charity: KickOff Solutions lends allyship to enhance capabilities of girls from underprivileged communities, focusing on intangibles like confidence, mental health and personal ambition, developing inspiring but relatable girl leaders to drive & inspire change


Driving nonprofit accountability & collaboration: KickOff Solutions selects nonprofit partners with intensive due diligence, and ensures accountability on fund utilization and results while helping amplify the impact of nonprofits to establish collaboration and centralized knowledge creation despite the competitive environment low on trust in the sector


Promoting scale by establishing that can be replicated by others for exponential impact

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We believe all girls can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world through play and sports.

Our Mission


Leverage sport as a platform for facilitating leadership & community building among underprivileged girls, and challenge discriminating social norms by cultivating & spreading contemporary & relatable hero stories of girls who play.



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