To inspire social change by promoting contemporary heroes among tribal girls in Jharkhand who dare to play, dream and fight for themselves!



Tribals make nearly ~9% of India’s population, with nearly every tribal girl affected by domestic or naxal violence and at risk of slavery through trafficking or child marriage.

SPORT AS AN ENABLER Encouragement for girls to play lends them both a reason to dream big as well as a platform to express & fight for themselves. Here’s such a story:

Rupanti Munda

Location: Tribal Latehar, Jharkhand (Interior Eastern India)

Her Story:

  1. Fought moral policing by locals to play soccer at village & state levels; got selected for nationals

  2. Turned bread earner as she lost her father and brother, earning daily wages as a farmhand

  3. Resumed sport thanks to the Aahan foundation; played at the 2017 Homeless World Cup in Norway with KickOff sponsorship

  4. Started a coaching academy for girls & boys in her district, turning down multiple lucrative coaching offers


Selected for KickOff scholarship: Computers for girls in her academy whose education is interrupted due to Covid.


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