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Support the cause

Help develop girl leaders, and popularize relatable hero stories to initiate a 
'change movement'

With gifts from $20 up to $2,000, you can help our girls discover a new way to live.

Make a significant impact on our growing community. 

  • For $20, you give a girl a month of nutrition. 

  • For $80, you buy a football (soccer) kit for one girl.

  • For $200, you provide one month of education, nutrition and kit.

  • For $500, you give a girl 6 months of education and nutrition. 

  • For $1200, you sponsor a girl for a full year of education, nutrition and sports equipment.


Every contribution is a special gift for us. You can donate here via credit card or PayPal. THANK YOU so much for all your support. 


KickOffSolutions is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible to the fullest extend permitted by law.
Please check your personal tax advisor regarding the deduction of your gift.

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