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Kickoff solutions has been arranging sports solutions including education scholarships, tournament sponsorship, international travel reimbursements and infrastructure development in rural backward areas. Through these engagements, we identify role models who can be inspirations to other disadvantaged girls.

Covid19 has brought unprecedented uncertainty in the lives of many and our 2020 initiatives have got impacted as well. Looking at the current challenges and cancellation of international events like, 

The World Junior Ultimate Championship, July 2020. Event info

The Homeless World Cup, Jun-Jul 2020. Event info Homeless World Cup

We have repurposed all donations to support educational scholarship programs and virtual learning capabilities to ensure that Kickoff role models continue to succeed in their respective lives and be an inspiration for many to follow 

2020-21 initiatives identified PLEASE SUPPORT :

Collaborate with bay area schools / organizations to financially support  young 

girls to pursue sport of their choice by overcoming any challenges 

Continue to engage with international organizations to identify, financially support and develop young girl role models to be an inspiration for others.

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